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  1. HV-1614

Unable to specify constraints at more than 1 nested parameter of a typed container


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 6.0.9.Final
    • Fix Version/s: 6.0.10.Final
    • Component/s: engine
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    • Environment:
      java 8 66
      eclipse 4.6.1
      windows 7


      I am attempting to build a nested constraint mapping for a container using the containerElementType method and I noticed that I am only able to create constraints at 1 nested parameter of a typed container.

      Tracing through the code I think the hashmap put at line 137 of CascadableConstraintMappingContextImplBase is allowing only 1 nested constraint value to be kept because it is keying on index which is 1 in both cases.

         containerElementContexts.put( index, containerElementContext ); 

      I was able to reproduce the issue with a small modification to the canDeclareDeeplyNestedContainerElementConstraintsForFieldProgrammatically method of ProgrammaticContainerElementConstraintsForFieldTest that adds a size constraint to the list of fish. I noticed that if i flip the order i declare the constraints it affects which violation makes it through and which is thrown out.

      Here is a test case to reproduce this issue. It leverages the FishTank type from ProgrammaticContainerElementConstraintsForFieldTest

          @TestForIssue(jiraKey = "HV-1614")
          public void canDeclareMultipleDeeplyNestedContainerElementConstraintsForFieldProgrammatically() {
              ConstraintMapping newMapping = config.createConstraintMapping();
                  .type( FishTank.class )
                      .property( "fishOfTheMonth", FIELD )
                      .containerElementType( 1 )
                         .constraint(new SizeDef().min( 3 ).message( "there must be at least {min} fish of the month" ))
                      .containerElementType( 1, 0 )
                         .constraint( new NotNullDef() );
              config.addMapping( newMapping );
              Validator validator = config.buildValidatorFactory().getValidator();
              Set<ConstraintViolation<FishTank>> violations = validator.validate( new FishTank() );
              assertThat( violations ).containsOnlyViolations(
                      violationOf( NotNull.class ).withMessage( "must not be null" ),
                      violationOf( Size.class ).withMessage( "there must be at least 3 fish of the month" )




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